Upcoming Event


27th September, 2024


Crescent Hall, 50 Dunstable Rd, Luton, LU1 1EF

What is Rishta Networking ?

Our unique event service connects close female representatives, preferably mothers and sisters, for candidates seeking marriage. It's important to note that the candidate themselves do not attend the event. The event takes place in a comfortable local setting with a limited number of attendees. This allows representatives from all female and male candidates to meet. After the event, representatives engage in discussions with family members and the candidate, sharing feedback, impressions of potential matches, and exploring further connections. We take responsibility for approaching specific individuals if the candidate expresses interest in pursuing contact.

What is Rishta Connect ?

Following the rishta networking event, we present to you the next phase: Rishta Connect, our exclusive matchmaking service. This service is specifically tailored to assist candidates and their families in their ongoing pursuit of potential matches.
Through Rishta Connect, candidates and their families have the opportunity to register their interest and actively participate in the search for suitable partners. They will be able to have a discussion with our dedicated consultants, who will guide and support them throughout the process. These conversations will enable consultants to gather crucial information and insights, facilitating a more informed decision-making process for the family and the candidate alike.


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